Marcel Trindade

Marcel Trindade was born in Pelotas, Brazil. Spent a lot of his childhood drawing and writing his own stories. Early influences that persists to this day include comics from all era and style, movies (horror and sci-fi, specially), music and animation. Studied Visual Arts for a brief period, but is mainly a self-taught artist, specially in the digital realm. Since 2017, he collaborated in a lot of books from different Brazilian publishers and authors. He lives in Nova Petrópolis, RS, Brazil with his fiancée Estefani, dog Cocada and rabbit Shakiro and is the father of Vicente.


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I’m currently looking for representation.

My projects

Here you can find every book and publication I’ve collaborated in the last years.

Marcel has given color and movement to my young adult story in 'Joca, the mailman'. He was able to capture the ideas very well and to put the characters' emotions on paper. I would certainly partner with him again in future projects.

One of the most important things to me when preparing my book for publication was the illustrations. I interviewed a number of people, and Marcel Trindade was my absolute favorite with his whimsical style. Not only did he listen to me and what I wanted to portray, he used his artistic eyes and ears to produce prints that exactly matched what I would have created had I had the ability. I am forever grateful to him for “getting me” and translating my feelings into reality. I will most definitely use his skills for any future needs.