🇺🇸Shantala. Commission for my sister @francinertrindade . 🇧🇷Shantala. Encomenda da minha irmã @francinertrindade. #shantala #shantalaparabebês ##saúde #ilustração #illustration #gouache #ink #care #cuidado #health #baby #bebê #marceltrindade

There's something about the physics and materials of things in art that expand meanings and fruition. When I was in art school I was, perhaps, too young and inexperienced to perceive it. But I could grasp a feeling, almost like a fading memory of a dream when you just woke up. Jackson Pollock, Basquiat, Kandinsky

🇺🇸These illustrations are from the latest book I collaborated this year with the amazing team at @bear_with_us_productions. During this whole year I had the privilege to produce illustrations for three books and a poem, and I'm lost for words to thank Andy and the whole gang for giving me those opportunities. All I can do is say that if you are thinking about self publishing, these are the guys you want dealing with your work. They are professional, focused and understand what you want to produce. I can't wait to see what we are going to working togheter next year :) 🇧🇷Estas ilustrações são do último livro que produzi com a @bear_with_us_productions esse ano. Em 2020, eu tive o privilégio de ilustrar em 3 livros e um poema, e eu nem sei como agradecer Andy Wheeler e seu time fantástico por essas

🇺🇸Music, music Everywhere Music, music Can't stop playing Music, music In the kitchen, living room Music, music Wherever I go I searched in the closet I searched in the balcony I even searche in the toilet And for my surprise Music was playing Inside my head 🇧🇷Música, música Em todo lugar Música, música Não para de tocar Música, música Na cozinha, e na sala Música, música Onde quer que eu vá Procurei no armário Procurei na varanda Procurei até no banheiro E para minha surpresa A música tocava Dentro da minha cabeça #kidlit #kidspoems #marceltrindade #music #boy #imagination #birds #poetry #illustration #watercolor #crayon #poem #childrensliterature

🇺🇸GHOST   Ghosts can be scary I must admit But if you recognize a ghost Don't be afraid It's just a memory   🇧🇷FANTASMA   Fantasmas podem ser assustadores Eu devo admitir Mas se você reconhece um fantasma Não precisa ter medo Ele é apenas uma memória   #kidlit #ghost #ghosts #poem #poema #childrenliteratura #illustration #marceltrindade #cemitery #cemitério #lápides #tombstones #graveyard #spooky #scary

🇺🇸SPICE   I like spice In the salad and in the rice Spice of all colors And all of flavors   If you stop to think If my plate was a paint Spice would be the colors   🇧🇷TEMPERO   Eu gosto de tempero na salada e no carreteiro Temperos de todas as cores e de todos os sabores   Se parar pra pensar bem Se o meu prato fosse um quadro O tempero seria as cores   #kidlit #illustration #watercolor #food #foodies #spice #tempero #paint #color #marceltrindade #childrenliterature

🇺🇸DRUMS   Hit it here Hit it there Hit on the table Hit on the sink Hit it hit it Splash crash How I wish I had a drum   🇧🇷BATERIA   Bate aqui Bate ali Bate na mesa Bate na pia Bate bate Splash Crash Como eu queria ter uma bateria   #kidlit #kidspoems #marceltrindade #drums #boy #playingdrums #illustration #watercolor #crayon #poem #childrensliterature

I've been writing a lot lately. I want to be an author, as well as an illustrator. As well as a good father, and a good husband. And a good son and a good brother, and a good pet owner. I wanna be good. And I want it all to be true. 2020 must have done something to all of us. 7 billion something human beings going through the same thing. I don't if there's an astronaut, out there in a space station, completely alienated about what we are going through. Can you imagine it? That's crazy. I mean, crazy times. Insane times. I've been writing a lot. About what I think. And I discovered that this is the way to make things get outside of your head. I don't know how your head is, but my head is full of ghosts. Some are scary and