NEW BOOK: Vinny Virus (Bear With Us Productions)

Hey people! Long time no see. I hope you are doing well and safe in these times. It is very hard to keep our head in the right space with everything going on. This year is kicking our tooshies mercilessly from the start, I have to be honest. But somehow we are managing. We lost so much already, and as things start to get in place now, the best to do is keep caring over everyone who is fragile to this situation.

Earlier this year I completed my first project with folks at Bear With Us Productions, and since then, got two more books for the little ones in my table. Vinny Virus is written by Lisa Kellett-Jones and illustrated by yours truly. It’s a fun and well told story about how to take care and preserve oneself in these times we live in. The text is very fun for the children and I made my best to follow the mood and bring awareness and joy to the story.


Here is a reward that warmed my heart today: a review Lisa written for the folks at BWU and I. I really love my job.

I’ll see you all soon 🙂