The blank page

So, yeah. You start something new, and clean every drawer, corner and space possible to put your new toys and adventures. I have a new home online (by the way, it was produced by the most lovable couple in the world, and you can see they work here and I’m so glad with it! And this is my blog! It must be the 16th or maybe 50th I have in my life, I don’t know! But that’s just because I’m dumb enough to abandon it or forget my password. So, yeah. Pretty excited in sharing this with you.


What? I’m sorry! Where are my manners? My name is Marcel Trindade, I’m a children’s book illustrator working and living in Brazil. If you come to visit me here with frequency, you might find what I’m working on, or what I’ve been reading, watched or read that inspired me, or even me being silly with Estefani, the love of my life, or Vicente, my beloved son.


I also teach art and creativity here in Brazil, so I might register some of my courses and workshops and spread it here proudly. Who knows? It’s my blog! It’s a blank page, and I love blank pages! So, stick around and don’t be a stranger, but please, be stranger as you can, beautiful person. Stay tuned!