The Witches Recipe

I’ve been working with children’s books since 2017. I started collaborating with Brazilian small presses and last year I made the jump to international clients. I gotta be honest: it’s not easy to manage your own business as an illustrator. And to be able to prospect your own clients is an even harder task.

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Earlier this year my path crossed with Andy Wheeler, from Bear With Us Productions . I was searching for representation at the time, and he gave me the opportunity to send my work for evaluation. He gave me a positive answer, that we could work together, in the middle of the night. I couldn’t help but to make a very silly dance, and I’m very lucky that my fiancée didn’t recorded it.

A few months later, I made a test for a book, and unfortunately my style wasn’t what the author was looking for. What you gonna do? So, not long after it, Andy contacted me again, this time with a request from another author to work with me. No tests needed. That’s a huge “feel good” injection in a beginner like me.

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The Witches Recipe was a gift for me. I had a blast sketching and painting every single page of this book. I loved how weird and funny I was allowed to make Hilda, the main character, and how loose they allowed me to be.

Even with the pandemic going on, and I’m safe to say that depression gets me once a book, I was able to pull it in a very light hearted and productive routine. It’s a lovely story about loving and caring for each other. I’m happy to be part of it and to work with the amazing team at Bear With Us. So if you have a good idea for a book, give them a call. And keep eye at Amazon for the book. It’s gonna be out soon.

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