🇺🇸DRUMS   Hit it here Hit it there Hit on the table Hit on the sink Hit it hit it Splash crash How I wish I had a drum   🇧🇷BATERIA   Bate aqui Bate ali Bate na mesa Bate na pia Bate bate Splash Crash Como eu queria ter uma bateria   #kidlit #kidspoems #marceltrindade #drums #boy #playingdrums #illustration #watercolor #crayon #poem #childrensliterature

I've been writing a lot lately. I want to be an author, as well as an illustrator. As well as a good father, and a good husband. And a good son and a good brother, and a good pet owner. I wanna be good. And I want it all to be true. 2020 must have done something to all of us. 7 billion something human beings going through the same thing. I don't if there's an astronaut, out there in a space station, completely alienated about what we are going through. Can you imagine it? That's crazy. I mean, crazy times. Insane times. I've been writing a lot. About what I think. And I discovered that this is the way to make things get outside of your head. I don't know how your head is, but my head is full of ghosts. Some are scary and