Hey people! Long time no see. I hope you are doing well and safe in these times. It is very hard to keep our head in the right space with everything going on. This year is kicking our tooshies mercilessly from the start, I have to be honest. But somehow we are managing. We lost so much already, and as things start to get in place now, the best to do is keep caring over everyone who is fragile to this situation.

I've been working with children's books since 2017. I started collaborating with Brazilian small presses and last year I made the jump to international clients. I gotta be honest: it's not easy to manage your own business as an illustrator. And to be able to prospect your own clients is an even harder task.   Earlier this year my path crossed with Andy Wheeler, from Bear With Us Productions . I was searching for representation at the time, and he gave me the opportunity to send my work for evaluation. He gave me a positive answer, that we could work together, in the middle of the night. I couldn't help but to make a very silly dance, and I'm very lucky that my fiancée didn't recorded it. A few months later, I made a test for a book, and unfortunately my style wasn't what the author was looking

Hi folks. Is there anybody out there? I hope so. And I hope you are safe and sound in your home. Yeah, things got crazy lately. Not "let's-raise-the-roof-dancing" crazy. It's a mix of Mad Max, Cormac McCarthy's The Road and Stephen King's The Stand crazy. In the middle of all this, I moved to another town. Like, a week before hell broke loose. So, I've been working in a couple of projects I hope I can show you soon, but until there, you can check this illustration I made for Bear With Us Productions. I was invited by the folks there to illustrate a poem for a charity bedtime book. The funds from the book sellings are going to the hospitals, to help fighting the covid19 outbreak. Pre-orders open soon, so stay tuned! And stay home!

  Ver essa foto no Instagram   #foodies of the world unite! Grab your friends from all over the #world and draw together your own country foodies #hugging each other! No specific rules but #friendship among cultures and nations Just use the #foodieshuggies #hashtag I made #Brasil <3 #Italy A piece of #picanha from a good ol' #churrascogaucho huggin a slice of #pizza made by Italian artist @frenci_fries an amazing person and awesome illustrator in Italy. Let us see what you got! I'm hungry for it!!! @vickylomm @vidsierra @jessicarose_illustrator @bear_with_us_productions @andreablinickillustration @dizzneeland @aninhacarlota @hireillo @bi.aguiart @atelier_la_fermette @allisonblackillustration @karizoka @delaburns @ladykbuzz @daniellebennettdraws @condearte @terezacosta.art @chatterton1 @diegoferminillustration @jackiedroujko @elise_gravel @carsonellis @estudiocaramela @emilypaik01 @emmablockillustration @pedrofugiudecasa @adilsonfarias @riinjay #illustration #illustrationoftheday #childrenillustration #ilustracao #ilustracaoinfantil #kidlit #kidlitart #foodie #foodieillustration #friendship #francesafortino #marceltrindade Uma publicação compartilhada por Marcel Trindade (@marcel.ilustra) em 11 de Fev, 2020 às 3:56 PST

  Today happens the Annual Academy Award 2020. Haven't seen a lot of movies this year. I'd like the best movie to be Parasite. What a piece of art! So many layers. So beautifully captured. Great casting, writing. It's a perfect movie. But I guess the Academy will go with 1917. Not a bad movie, but it's not great. Joker is another "punch-in-the-stomach-you-privileged-mofo" kind of picture, and I love a lot of things on it. But it's not the best movie of the year. The Irishman is very fine too, and an amazing work, but I'm not sure if I really seen De Niro young in any of the scenes of the 3 hours piece. Tarantino made a very good comedy filled with violence and nonsense, but again