I’ve been writing a lot lately…

I’ve been writing a lot lately. I want to be an author, as well as an illustrator. As well as a good father, and a good husband. And a good son and a good brother, and a good pet owner. I wanna be good. And I want it all to be true.

2020 must have done something to all of us. 7 billion something human beings going through the same thing. I don’t if there’s an astronaut, out there in a space station, completely alienated about what we are going through. Can you imagine it? That’s crazy. I mean, crazy times. Insane times. I’ve been writing a lot. About what I think. And I discovered that this is the way to make things get outside of your head. I don’t know how your head is, but my head is full of ghosts. Some are scary and horrifying, some are just memories. Some are scenes of roads not takes, sentences not said, dreams not dreamed. And sometimes, it’s good to take them out. And it’s good to take them out because they HAVE to get out. You know? Make something that is not there become… something that is. To create. That’s what made me become this. Illustrator. Artist. Cartoonist. Whatever.

I tried for some time to invest time and effort to fit in this or that genre, style, mood, technique. As an artist, it’s part of a process. You begin like this, as a teenager: one week you are goth, the other punk and the next one, you discover you a loser. And you go changing and trying, experimenting everything, until you become this mish-mash wibbly wobbly mess of a human being with all this baggage of useless and useful stuff. Life is really and amazing thing.

I cried a river watching this today. I think you should watch it too. Who knows. If you have the time.

I’m coming from a really long journey, trying to understand what I want to say, how I want to say e if it’s worth saying. If anybody out there is in the mood to hear it, shout something back, so I know I’m not alone. You sure is not.